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JR-1530P CNC Plasma Cutter
1, Horizontal beam adopts light structural design, the structure is rigid,
and light, the small  movement inertia etc.
2, Double housing type structure, Y-axis adopts dual stepper motor,
dual-drive and ,XYZ three-axis adopts linear guide, steady transmission,
high smooth accuracy.
3, powerful, easy to operate, cutting any complex graphics, fast speed
and high quality.。
4, Industrial control computer system platform for control integration,
anti-jamming ability.
5, Clean dust by itself, the replacement of security.
6, Can exchange DXF graphic files by disk, USB, RS232 or internet ways. Simple operation
to automatically write processing control procedures.

Applicable materials >
2512D CNC plasma cutting machine is the combination of computer-control, precision mechanical transmission, high-temperature plasma after absorption advanced hardware and software technology at home and abroad. It is one multifunction thermal-cutting automation equipment of high efficiency, high precision and high reliability. It can cut plate of any shape. The machine adopts bilateral drive, targeting a reasonable, comprehensive,
Stainless steel, aluminum, copper and other sheet metal cutting.. .
Applicable industry
Suitable to car, shipbuilding, rail vehicles, petrochemical, aerospace, boiler and pressure vessel manufacturing, engineering machinery, light industrial machinery, decorative signs and large manufacturing industries,
Technical parameters >

Working area


Working voltage

380V 50HZ

Cutting length


Cutting width


Cutting thickness


Cutting speed


Max moving speed


Cutting precision


Cutting smoothness


Machine dimension