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Applicable Materials:
Suitable for engraving and lettering on natural granite, marble, stone, bluestone, crystal stone, micro-crystal stone, all kinds of artificial stone, glass, murals, monument, tombstone, decorative baseboard, etc.
Applicable Industry:
Suitable for carving the epitaph, stone, decoration, kitchen, furniture and other industries.

1.  High loading: can bear more than 2t weight.
2.  The guide way of Y axis is greatly higher than the working table, which can protect the guide way from water and rust, easy to maintenance.
3.  There are a raw of small wheels on the front of the table. These wheels can help to easily put heavy stone on the table by a pushcart.
4.  There is a positioning line on the left of the table. It’s easy to position the work piece.
5.  Double motors drive Y axis, making the machine move more steadily.
6.  Adopting imported square guide way, making the machine move steadily and have longer lifetime.
7.  Water cooling and constant torque spindle with the imported bearing, high power and low noise.
8.  Well compatibility: compatible with Type3, Artcam, Castmate, Wentai and other softwares that can generate files of G-code, u00, mmg, plt, etc.
9.  Double direction cutters cooling system, can prolong the lifetime of cutters.
10.  Adopting full shielded, high flex and uneasy distorted cable.

Technical Parameter

X, Y Working Area

900*2000mm / 1300mm*2500mm

Z Working Area


Working Accuracy


Repositioning Accuracy


Max. Working Speed


Max. Moving Speed


Spindle Power


Max. Power Consumption(without spindle)


Spindle Speed




Command Language

G-code, *u00, *mmg, *plt

Machine Weight


Machine Size


Lathe Body

Thickening square steel tube

Control System

DSP handset

Drive Motor

China-made Servo motors

Guide Way

Linear Guide Rail imported from Taiwan

X, Y and Z axis

Gear Wheel for X, Y axis; Ballscrew for Z axis

Spindle Motor

3KW water-cooling spindle

Cutter Cooling System

Double direction and water cooling

Water Sink